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Publishing promotion

In addition to all the publishing content that we manufacture at Loyal Print, we offer you a range of promotional products so that you can boost your brand and create an effective marketing campaign. We mean, for example, glued cardboard, ideal to give visibility to your magazine at the point of sale. For its production we use printing, cutting and laminating processes. It is a simple but very effective product in the eyes of the consumer. In addition, we can offer you half-cut die-cut stickers, which are a perfect tool to insert into activity books, to bag inside a flowpack packaging or even to make a whole book of die-cut adhesives. All of them are products entirely made in Loyal Print, thanks to our comprehensive printing, handling and binding service.

Printing of promotional products to highlight your products at the point of sale or in educational centers. Whatever the objective, at Loyal Print we turn your idea into a product and take of the whole process.

libro con adhesivos troquelados

Promotional products with special finishes

Thanks to our line of special finishes, we are able to give high added value to promotional printing. This is the case of the application of glitter to die-cut stickers, which gives a very special finish for young boys and girls. The same case would be the flocking effect, which gives us roughness and a very interesting sensory effect for promotional products. Other finishes include stamping, aromatic inks or printing on polyester, among others. Any type of special effect can be used in short or long runs and provide a unique essence to your promotional product.

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