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Packaging printing encompasses a host of possibilities. At Loyal Print we combine several areas of expertise to offer personalised packaging that adapts to the needs of each project. Food, industry, cosmetics or publishing houses are just some of the sectors for which we make all kinds of boxes, containers, boxes with windows, displays or others. We have the capacity and technology necessary to carry out both small and large print runs. In fact, we have digital machinery that allows us to carry out very specific and customised projects, regardless of the minimum amounts ordered. Despite having offset and digital machines like other packaging printing houses, we are well-known by the great versatility of machinery and processes, as well as the ability to perform special finishes. All this to provide a high quality packaging printing with great added value.

More than box printing

Boxes are usually the packaging with which we present our products, which is why they acquire special relevance in the eyes of the consumer. They are lined, laminated or even printed with UV finishes or other special inks. Any option is good to highlight your product and project a good brand image. As a packaging printing house we offer you a wide variety of printing finishes, to which we add other services such as the handling of various elements inside the box. This is usually a very good option for various publishers, which make educational sets as part of their product portfolio. And this is where we do our bit and stand out as a box printing company: not only do we manufacture the box, but we also add the content inside and finally we shrink or bag it. Everything ready for consumption or final use, and with the assurance of not having left our facilities.

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Packaging printing can be accompanied by a large number of complementary processes; from the application of all kinds of special finishes to the handling of various elements inside the box. Whatever your objective, contact us so that a specialist can advise you.

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Boxes for all sectors

Different weights, formats and finishes. The boxes are the visible face of the brands and have an endless number of solutions. At Loyal Print, your box printing company, we work for a multitude of sectors and make more and less complex packaging, with large runs and other shorter ones. From boxes for cosmetic companies, to containers for the publishing sector or even high-quality boxes to present a luxury product. Depending on the objective and the audience to which the box is directed, we can apply different finishes, as well as the use of different weights and materials, which provide robustness and value to the product. In short, a wide range of possibilities to supply different sectors and audiences, but always with the same objective, which is nothing else than highest quality, service and tight delivery times.

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