Publishing services

We are a benchmark in printing publishing content

We adapt to your graphic project

We produce any publishing print that requires special finishes and original formats

At Loyal Print, you are offered all the necessary publishing services so that you can print and bind all your projects with maximum security. Whether in short runs or larger print runs, we put at your disposal an extensive fleet of machinery and a proven experience in publishing production, which has allowed us to be one of the leading publishing houses in Europe.

Thanks to our printing and handling services, we are able to offer the best service while guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

Board Books

Loyal Print excels in printing children’s board books, which are one of our core products. We offer options of varied thicknesses, as well as the possibility of making die-cut shapes or including windows and mechanisms. From short runs with digital printing to large quantities with offset, we strive to continuously improve our production process to ensure efficiency and maximum quality.

We are the largest board book printing company in Spain and a leading company in Europe and give service to important national and international publishing groups.

Decks of cards

Decks of cards are another of the products that are included within publishing printing. With newly incorporated machinery, we are able to automatically print, mix, cut and fit each deck and carry out the entire process in-house. We can also add special effects such as UV printing on metallics and holographics, drip-off varnish, thermal or luminescent inks, among many others.

Other publishing products

Publishing printing also encompasses the production of any type of printed school material, such as educational sets, school worksheets, or puzzles and board games. At Loyal Print, we offer the possibility of placing or handling different products inside boxes, banding or shrink-wrapping, among many other handling services.

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