Promotional Services

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Promotion is a growing trend for most companies and brands

At Loyal Print we work with companies dedicated to the world of promotion and that use products made of paper and/or cardboard. Like any campaign, it seeks to minimise the cost and maximise the impact, and for this reason, printed products are an unbeatable alternative. In addition, it is possible to add unique finishes, such as aromatic inks, stamping, embossing, among many others. Any of these special finishes will provide your product with a unique touch that guarantees the success of your promotion.

A wide range of possibilities

Trading cards, game cards, die-cut games, pop-ups, or puzzles. An endless number of products that can be used for promotion. There are many types of them and with a wide range of top-quality finishes. Very different products that aim to capture the consumer’s attention and add an element of gameplay and/or surprise. This is the case, for example, of self-assembling products, die-cut games or puzzles, which allow some interaction with the product. Others, such as magnets, are simpler in terms of play but have a longer-lasting effect, so they can be a perfect choice as a brand campaign.

High quality and special finishes

Thanks to our experience in special finishes, we can apply effects such as stamping, holographic printing, drip-off, UV, golden finishes or thermal inks, among others. Whether in short or large runs, such finishes provide a special essence to the product and add value to your promotional print.

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