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We are a team of more than 50 graphic arts professionals, with specialists in each and every one of the industrial processes that make up our company. We believe in the versatility and capabilities of the people who are part of our team, therefore we foster the autonomy and self-demand of each one of them. We believe that is the best way to keep a team motivated by both the result and compliance with the requirements of our customers.

Creative, innovative and experienced

Our type of products and services makes each project unique in technical specifications. More and more, our clients ask us for new ideas, processes, materials and solutions. To this purpose, we have a department with proven experience in all areas of graphic arts and a great ability to understand and develop each project. We are creative with the solutions we offer, we innovate in the processes in order to reach our objectives, and we are always close to the customer to ensure maximum transparency and assurance.

Our vocation is to provide maximum services to the needs of our customers. All our graphic products and services we have traditionally offered are provided with Eurosarria’s experience and knowledge in binding. Eurosarria is a company specialised in spiral binding, wire-o, rodded, staple, PUR rustic and rustic stitching.

Our values

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We are creative to design graphically-complex products, which also involve many industrial processes. To this purpose, we consider of vital importance the role of our technical team, capable of adapting our machines and processes to the requirements of the project that must be carried out.

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We meet the daily challenge of creating new products, and so we invest time and resources to adapt our machines. As a result we get to innovate, not only in our way to perform, but what we do, thus achieving as a final result the production of graphically-special products.

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We like to be close to the customer and close to each and every one of the people who make up our team. We make a commercial and production manager available to the customer in order to have the needs and monitoring of the projects covered.


Aware of the importance of waste generation and management of a company like ours, we place special emphasis on the prevention of the environment and the commitment to the environment. That is why we encourage and work a process of continuous improvement of the management, prevention and reduction of environmental impacts. Among our objectives are the reduction of energy consumption, the separation and proper management of waste, and maintaining an open and collaborative relationship with the estates and groups interested in our activity.


FSC Chain-of-Custody Certificate

 The FSC® certificate guarantees that the products have been made with forest resources from sustainably-managed forests. To achieve this, a series of strict environmental, economic and social requirements must be met (fsc.org)

In addition, we guarantee the trust of our clients by relying on the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, on the AIB Hygienic Management System, and on the implementation of programs, instructions and records at all levels of the company.


For our versatility of machinery and quantity of processes, space is required, therefore we have 7,000m2 for industrial activity and 1,000m2 as offices. All our activity is concentrated in the same warehouse in Barberà del Vallès and in the integral production process, maximum safety is guaranteed.

We have digital offset and printing equipment, gluing machines, die-cutters, folding machines, gathering machines, paper cutters, corner-rounding and packing machines and, as well as a complete binding equipment park.