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Loyal Print is the publishing printer’s that adjusts to your graphic project. We produce any publishing print, whether related to cardboard books, school and educational material or promotional products, which require special finishes and original formats. Publishing printing has a wide range of graphic products and services, including the production and binding of cardboard books. With long experience in the manufacture of this type of product, we are one of the leading publishing printer’s in Europe. The large production capacity, together with the particularity and complexity of the production process, make board books our great specialty. A specialty that arises from cardboard printing, which we know and apply to many of our products, as it provides quality and robustness.

A reference when it comes to the print of Publishing contents

At Loyal Print we offer you all the necessary publishing services so that you can print and bind all your projects with maximum assurance. Whether in short runs or larger runs, we put at your disposal an extensive park of machinery and a proven experience in publishing production, which has allowed us to be one of the leaders in the printing of publishing content. For us, each project is unique, and we carry it out as such. That is why we have technical staff specialised in the creation of new content and graphic formats, either printing on standard supports or with the application of special finishes. If you want to know more about everything we can offer you in publishing  matters, please contact us through our form. We will be glad to show you the range of solutions for the field of publishing printing.

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Years of experience and working for large publishing groups endorse us as the leading publishing printer’s. Thanks to our printing, handling and binding services, we can offer the best service and guarantee the quality of the final product at the same time.

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Educational material printout

In addition to board books, publishing printing also encompasses any type of printed school material. This is the case of activity books, school flashcards or educational sets. These are, in general, products for educational purposes aimed at children. That is why we offer the possibility of working with thick materials that provide durability and consistency, as well as blunt edges that provide safety in use. A good example is the school worksheets, which boys and girls handle and use to learn different concepts. At Loyal Print we are capable not only of printing on cardboard but also of printing different weights and handle them within the same packaging or set. Another case would be educational sets, which usually contain products of different types, weights and finishes, and which may also contain non-printed products. As part of our publishing printing services, we also offer the possibility of placing or handling different products inside boxes, wrapping cards or letters or shrinking, among many other handling services.

Card Decks, board games and puzzles

Board games are other products that we include within editorial printing, which range from decks of cards to puzzles of all kinds. As in the case of cardboard books, the customer is offered the possibility of printing with different weights, which include materials up to a certain level of thickness. We can also add special effects such as UV printing, rough effects, thermal or luminescent inks, among many others. This way we provide our board games with added value thanks to making the production entirely in Loyal Print.

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