Design and print of bags made of paper, fabric, canvas or raffia, among others. At Loyal Print you can have your custom bags printed for all kinds of events, product presentations or fairs. With years of experience in the manufacture of this type of product, we work for sectors such as commerce, food, cosmetics, hotels and restaurants, among others. Whatever the sector, all companies need promotional and advertising bags to communicate the essence of their brand, and at Loyal Print we are aware of the different materials and finishes necessary to make all kinds of quality bags.

Printing and production of bags

We know them of all kinds. Advertising bags, as well as boxes, can help introduce your products and in many cases they are a tangible reflection of brand values. At Loyal Print we do not only make boxes and books, but we also have a department specialised in printing and making all kinds of bags. For this purpose, we have an expert team in this type of product, which advises the customer and monitors the entire production process of the bag. And here lies our value as a bag printer’s and not only do we offer you the printing of the bag, but we also take care of its handling and assembly, with its cords, ribbons and reinforcements. In short, we provide our knowledge of materials, weights and shapes, in addition to advising you with the best technicians.

bolsa de papel alfa

At Loyal Print we are experts in the design and manufacture of promotional or advertising bags for all sectors, with special materials, formats and finishes. Quality and a reliable technical service guarantee us as your printing company for bags.

bolsa de papel alfa

Special finishes for our bags

The sector to which the promotional bags are directed will determine the finishes of the same. As a bag printer’s we offer you the possibility of introducing various types of finishes. For prime bags, for example, special processes are usually applied such as UV printing, stamping or embossing. We can also add cardboard reinforcements to provide the bag with more consistency and robustness. In the opposite case, if what we want is a simpler bag, we will look for a simpler material and the printing and assembly of the bag will be carried out without adding laminates or other finishes. In addition to the impression itself, there are also other elements that give us a differential value for our bag, which are the laces or ribbons. In short, we have a whole range of finishes so that the printing of your advertising bag is a success.

Paper bag: present and future

The use of paper bags is booming. Supermarkets, trade, brands and all kinds of entities are replacing plastic with paper, the latter being a biodegradable material that contributes to reducing climate change. In addition to their benefits in terms of sustainability, paper bags are meant to be a resistant material that allow the safe transport of many products. Bottles, food, clothing, cosmetic and / or pharmacy products. They are very varied in format and weights and perfectly suitable to offer a shopping experience according to customer expectations.

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