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Packing of promotions

A promotion wouldn’t be the same without its packaging. It protects, and it is also a perfect marketing tool. It reinforces the brand, gives clues about the product, or vice versa: it hides what is inside. Whatever your objective, it is also an opportunity to add design and creativity to your product, since there are thousands of packaging options, whether in materials, sizes or formats. And this is where we can help you, not only in the production itself, but in the creativity of the envelope. The aim is to attract the attention of the consumer, and for this reason, we have a team specialised in promotional packaging at your disposal to advise you on what materials and finishes to use.

Loyal Print is a leading company in the packaging of all kinds of promotions, and we stand  out not only because of our experience in large campaigns, but also due to the large capacity that we have. Service and great possibilities at the service of your promotion.

Different types of packaging at your disposal

There are several types of promotional packagings. The sealed paper packaging, whether on 3 or 4 sides, is a very common alternative for products such as trading cards or game cards. It is probably the most economical solution and known to all. This type of packaging can be printed or blank, depending on the objective of the campaign or product. We also make packagings with other materials such as the transparent one or the flowpack. In the case of the transparent packaging, it can be a good alternative to promote a product on the cover of a magazine, for example. All three types of packagings are suitable for food contact and are manufactured using anti-grease materials.

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