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Books with sounds

Among all the interactive books, books with sounds are the most entertaining and at the same time educational way to initiate the little ones in the world of reading. Sound books contain so-called sound technology, which allows any text or image to be reproduced using an interactive reading pen. Due to its didactic and interactive content, it is a product generally aimed at children and it is also an ideal playful and entertaining tool, which also reinforces their learning.

What sound books are

Books with sounds, or what is the same, reading plus active listening. The perfect combination for boys and girls to learn while having fun! This new technology allows children to have more interactive books than ever. By using a reading pen, we can play all the sounds of these children’s books. The playback is instantaneous, and it is enough to only bring the pointer of the pencil closer to the image or text that we want to reproduce. That is, if we want to play a sentence written in a story, it is not necessary to move the reader along the whole sentence. The pencil plays the whole sentence just by pointing to some part of the text. And the same to reproduce any image! Thus, we are not talking about simple children’s books as the introduction of this technology makes the kid and the book interact and connect thanks to this gives totally revolutionary product.

libro con sonido

Aimed at children, sound books are a revolutionary way to learn. Reading and active listening come together to create this very original product, which allows boys and girls to enter the world of reading.

libro de cartón con sonidos

Blabook, the children’s stories that talk

Blabook is a successful case of application of this technology. We are talking about cardboard children’s stories with the addition that everything that boys and girls visualise is listened to at the same time. This gives extraordinary value to the story and adds interaction and maximum attention from children. In the case of Blabook, we mean stories aimed at children between 2-5 years of age. These are ages at which kids begin to be interested in stories, and the case of Blabook represents a very valuable playful and entertaining tool that also reinforces their learning. In fact, it is at such an early age when they are captivated by the sounds, their attention is drawn and they are motivated to keep browsing the story.

Where can we use this technology?

The variety of product where to apply this technology is very wide: children’s board books, puzzles, stickers, posters, notebooks, or any other printed format. The combination of printed and tangible products with the addition of this technology gives these products a special essence. And given our experience with this type of project, at Loyal Print we take care of the whole process, from the search and management of sounds to the implementation of the codes and the final printing of the product.