The stickers, that lifelong product that we have all played with, and that today’s children continue to play. The print of stickers and their corresponding albums is one of our peculiarities as a graphic arts company. Sticker collections can become complex, depending on the needs of each project, and that is why we have a specialised team for this type of product. Several mixing processes are added to the product print to achieve the desired mixture, as well as a final inserting process. In addition, we advise you on the creation of your product from a more technical perspective, to help you in your promotional project.

Industrial capacity and experience

Today, Loyal Print is one of the largest manufacturers of sticker collections in Europe. With an extensive fleet of our own machinery specifically for this type of product, we are capable of printing and packing millions of stickers. That is why we have been the creators of promotional campaigns for large supermarket chains. As well as our capacity, we have years of experience both in the food sector and the so-called “Loyalty”, and we are able to offer you the highest quality in printing, cutting and mixing for this type of product. The characteristics of the stickers collections make their production a laborious and very particular process. Each collection requires assembly and very specific specifications, such as the number of special stickers or the sequence in which certain numbers appear. All this requires good knowledge of the product, in order to be able to offer quality production and a product that meets the customers’ needs.

coleccion de cromos deportiva

Great industrial capacity and product knowledge define us as one of the largest manufacturers of trading card collections in Europe. The printing of stickers requires very specific machinery and processes, which we have at Loyal Print.

cromos con acabados especiales

Sticker collections with special finishes

Printing on holographic paper, gold inks, luminescent effect, rough effect, smelling inks, flocking effect, among many other finishes. Being a product generally targeted at a child audience, stickers usually have some kind of special effect on them. At Loyal Print we have the machinery and processes necessary to carry out all of them. Half-cut stickers are also a good alternative, as they offer a different finish for those stickers collections that require it.

Packing of stickers

Stickers have that surprise factor of what we will find inside their packaging. In fact, the packaging tends to be opaque, so you can’t see what’s inside. The sticker inserting process is, once again, a very specific process that few companies perform. At Loyal Print we have the specific machinery for packing stickers, either on paper or other materials such as flowpack. If we use paper, for example, it can be white or printed. On the contrary, if we prefer to use a polypropylene material, it can be transparent or printed and opaque.

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