Professional binding for your printed products

At Loyal Print we offer you a comprehensive printing and binding service, with a large number of possibilities. We have binding trains in paperback, hardcover, staple and binding systems for spiral and wire-o. With proven experience and capacity, we cover all your professional binding needs that your project needs. Pre-printing, printing and post-printing: unlike other printers, we carry out all the processes within our facilities, without the need for outsourcing.

Spine book binding

We have state-of-the-art machinery to carry out PUR binding and stitching runs for spine books. Our lines have processes of folding, collating, milling, sewing and cutting. Thanks to this, we achieve a high binding capacity for all types of books and catalogues, from milling in PUR glue to sewing for high-quality books. Versatility and flexibility to carry out from short, medium and large runs, always adapting to the needs of the project.

libro encuadernado en rústica pur

Binding of catalogues, books, calendars, diaries and notebooks, to which we add all kinds of special finishes. Service and experience to guarantee the highest quality of your graphic products.

encuadernacion espiral

Wire-o and spiral specialists

Wire-o and spiral binding machines could not be missing in our facilities, essential for the elaboration of diaries and notebooks or calendars, products that are very present in our day to day. We have semi-automatic machines for binding with spiral-type rings, generally used for school diaries, as it is a more functional and economical ring. If what we want is a more robust and higher quality ring for our product, we will opt for the wire-o type binding. Wire-o binding gives us greater efficiency and good product appearance, which makes it common for company catalogues and calendars. In an increasingly demanding market in terms of quality and delivery times, we are at your disposal to offer you an excellent binding service.

Leading company in special finishes

To our experience in the most classic types of binding such as staple, wire-o, spiral or rustic binding, we also add all kinds of special finishes. We mean making indexes for catalogues or diaries, inserting rods for wall calendars or stamping finishes for all kinds of gift cards and high quality prints. We also have machines to make notepads with American binding, which provides quality and attractiveness to the product. Whatever your need, write to us, we are at your disposal to advise and accompany you in your printing and binding project.

impresion catalogo alta calidad

Discover all our

Binding services

encuadernacion a la americana


The American binding has the covers directly glued on the spine, unlike sewn book bindings. Typically used for multi-sheet notepads or stubs, it provides a very smart and lightweight look. This type of binding is typical of very inexpensive, low-volume productions and occasional consultation. As variations, the sheets can be glued directly or through using small booklets.

encuadernacion wire-o


Wire-o binding or double spiral binding is based on the union of sheets by means of a wire thread that forms double rings. It is similar to spiral binding, the main difference being the double wire, which gives the product a smarter finish and greater robustness. The great advantage over paperback bindings is that it enables the sheets to be turned 360º, thus providing greater manageability. Calendars, diaries and notebooks are some of the products that are most used for this type of binding.



Spiral binding is specially designed for documents, guides and teaching materials. It brings simplicity and flexibility to turn the pages. We offer you the possibility to choose where you want to apply the spiral, either on the left or the upper edge. In addition, we can work with different papers of different weights, from more classic papers, to prime or laminated ones. The spiral can be metal or plastic.

colocacion de varillas


Rodding is especially intended for calendars or wall posters, business gifts or advertising. They are very practical, a fact that makes them a very good option for many companies. For this typology of products, we carry out the printing and the final rodding.

cuaderno en wire-o


Many catalogues require the inclusion of physical indexes, with which to easily access the different contents. These types of eyelashes, also called indexes, can be of several types: half-moon, straight and oblique. They can be applied to single sheets or bound books.

folleto comercial


Stapling is the most suitable method for finishing magazines, catalogues and brochures. It is the perfect medium for the binding of commercial products to be used at events, trade shows and other commercial purposes. The staple provides flexibility, lightness and is economical compared to other finishes. By applying the metal staple on the spine, we are able to create an attractive and practical product.

libro encuadernado en rústica cosida

PUR binding

PUR binding, also called milling, is one of the main bindings for book-making. It is a type of binding that is cheaper than other methods such as sewing, in addition to involving a more agile production process than the latter. For this type of binding we use urethane polymer-based glue.

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Sewn rustic

The stitched rustic binding is of high quality for printing books and publications. This type of publication can be in a soft or hard cover and guarantees an excellent result in terms of image and resistance. In addition, this binding provides greater durability than the rustic PUR, despite being a more manual process and therefore, somewhat slower.

libro de cartón clásico


We have our own cardboard binding system, especially for children’s cardboard books. It is a binding line completely developed by us, thanks to which we offer a leading service in the production of all types of cardboard books. We work for large publishing groups, being the only manufacturers in Spain capable of offering a wide capacity and all kinds of special finishes. If you have a board book printing project, don’t hesitate to contact us!