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Board games

Within what we consider publishing printing we find board game printing, a product generally for recreational and / or educational purposes and with wide playability possibilities. The manufacture of this type of product requires very particular production processes, which we know and apply at Loyal Print. We have a versatile machinery park that allows us to offer printing and finishing services for all types of board games, be they game boards, tokens, decks of cards or puzzles, among others.

Loyal Print, the printing house for all kinds of board games

Board games are great fun, knowledge and playability. These can be very varied, and can range from a deck of cards to a puzzle or a game board. At Loyal Print we offer you a comprehensive printing and finishing service for any board game on paper and / or cardboard. We have as an example the game boards, which are printed and laminated, with the aim of providing robustness and durability. We can also talk about card decks, which require collating, blunt edge and manipulation processes, all present in Loyal Print. Die-cutting is also a star process for this type of product, which can be applied, for example, to puzzles.

baraja de cartas con canto romo

Decks of cards, game boards, chips or sets with various elements are just some of the examples that we categorise within board game printing and that we carry out at Loyal Print.

 High quality finishes

At Loyal Print we are aware of the added value that special finishes provide to board game printing. That is why, to the already known UV printing, we can also add reliefs, printing with thermal, aromatic, rough or luminescent inks. All of this in order to give shape and personality to each product, always keeping up with the highest possible level of quality. This is the example of decks of cards which contain special cards, to which we can give, for example, a golden effect. We could also talk about puzzles with the application of special inks, which give rough effects such as glitter or drip-off.

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Promotional puzzles

We all know the puzzle, one of the most traditional and well-known games ever. At Loyal Print we are specialists in developing promotional puzzles, either delivered assembled or with the pieces unassembled. We have specific machinery for printing, laminating and subsequent stamping in the shape of the puzzle. In addition, puzzles can be delivered either bagged, for a more casual and simple use, or inside a box, also made in Loyal Print. Be that as it may, the product does not leave our facilities, as we ourselves offer you a complete handling service.

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