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Trading cards

We have all played with cards or trading cards at some time. There are many types, from the classic decks of cards for adults to cards with other playability elements, for children. At Loyal Print we offer you all types of cards, as we have the machinery and processes necessary to carry out from printing to handling or packing. Game cards are a product generally aimed at the promotional world, particularly sectors such as food, mass consumption or retail. These are often cards with a collectible purpose.

Your printer’s for trading cards

At Loyal Print we have extensive experience in printing and packing game cards. Thanks to our training, our technical team is able to develop and advise on how production should be carried out to respect the technical requirements of the collection. Variables such as the number of cards per display, repetition of the cards or the appearance of special cards come into play for this type of product. That is why our experience in printing and packing game cards or other similar products such as decks of cards is essential.

tarjetas de juego

Paper or flow pack packaging

The packaging of trading cards provides that element of surprise of not knowing what is inside, in addition to reinforcing the brand and transmitting messages to the consumer. The packaging can be made of paper or polypropylene, also called flowpack. At Loyal Print we carry out both types of packaging, since we have specific machinery for both card packaging and flow packs. Paper packaging can be opaque or transparent and are a cheaper option. On the other hand, polypropylene can be printed or totally transparent, for those cases in which you want to see what is inside. Both options can be made so that they can be in contact with food products, since we have all the required certifications.

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Special finishes for your cards

In many cases the appearance and finishes of the cards play an important role in drawing the attention of the end user. For this reason, at Loyal Print we offer you a large number of special finishes. We mean, for example, of holographic printing, flocking effect, glitter effect, luminescent inks or thermal inks, among many other finishes. In many cases it happens that only special cards have unique effects and that is not necessarily is not a problem, since we can only apply the desired effect to a number of cards. This is how we manage to print fully-personalised game cards upon the customer’s request by always guaranteeing the highest quality.

sticker card

The sticker-card, a different product

A sticker that hides a card. Here you are the sticker-card! A mix of sticker and card, great as a promotional tool. Looking identical to that of a game card, we carry out a production method that enables the glueing of a sticker on top, without leaving a trace of residual glue on the card. This way we achieve a hybrid product with a special surprise factor, perfect for promotional campaigns.