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School supplies

School supplies printing encompasses a wide variety of printed items and products, all of which are printed at Loyal Print. The needs in the school environment can range from activity books, to school flashcards, decks of cards or books with die-cut stickers, among others. In general, we talk about printed products that require handling services and binding finishes, which we carry out entirely in our facilities. That is why we are the leading school material printing company, with production processes for each of the types of school products.

Printing and handling of educational sets

If we had to talk about complex graphic products, we would talk about educational sets or packs. Although there is a lot of variety in terms of what these sets can be like, we usually mean boxes or folders that contain printing of educational material, in addition to adding, in many cases, non-printed products. Cardboard tokens (die-cut or laminated, or both), die-cut stickers, game cards or simple sheets. These are some of the products that these packs may contain. And in the variety of products lies our ability to print thicker materials than usual, laminate cardboard or print with special finishes. In addition to the endless possibilities of printing and finishes, we offer the possibility of handling different products inside the boxes, which are also printed in Loyal Print.

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The print of school supplies is one of our specialties and we are able to integrate the whole process within our facilities: printing, handling, binding and finishing.

set educativo

Loyal Print: from printing to handling

The presentation of school supplies many times requires handling processes. Any handling process is carried out for a better presentation of the product, which can be wrapped, shrink-wrapped, bagged, or simply placed inside the box, among other finishes. All this to achieve a printing of school supplies that adapts to the needs of our customers and the educational objectives of their target audience.

Our handling services encompass a wide variety of finishes, which enable us to give added value to our customers’ products. This has allowed us to become a versatile company with the capacity to manufacture school and / or educational products of a widely varied nature.

The binding of school supplies

The presentation of any school material is basic for the correct use and enjoyment of children. Some of the products such as activity books or school diaries require different types of binding, which we can provide you with at Loyal Print. Thus, in addition to printing and handling services, we also offer the possibility of binding the final product.

For the binding of this type of product, we can opt for classic options such as wire-o or spiral, or the use of glue, either on the spine (PUR binding) or American style. There is also the possibility of adding bars, indexes or stapling, among others. All this to achieve high quality finishes by ensuring that the product is manufactured entirely in Loyal Print.

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