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Educational sets

Used in schools, recreational centers or other entities for educational purposes. The objective of any printed educational material is to educate the student, and to do it in the most entertaining way possible. They are  for all ages, from formats more targeted at children to others for youngsters. The material can be individual, or in folders or packs. The latter usually contain several elements within the same box or container (cards, stickers or notebooks) to promote and / or enhance certain skills in the little ones.

We manufacture your educational set from start to finish

At Loyal Print we have a wide background in the production of all kinds of printed educational material and we for large publishing groups. Thanks to our machinery park and our vocation to innovate in processes, we provide a high added value by being able to print, stamp, collate, laminate, glue, wrap, bind and shrink any printed educational material. And to complete the service offered to the customer, we have teams specialised in product handling, which allows us to deliver the product fully finished.

We put our experience and versatility at your service to make graphic products made of various materials, finishes and formats. Our educational sets are the product that best define us as a company capable of printing, binding and handling.

set educativo

The box and all its contents: from sheets to die-cut stickers or magnets

If we are specialists in something, it is in being able to supply our client with a large number of items and graphic products, with a large number of printing finishes. That is why the sets with printed educational materials are a clear reflection of the versatility of our company. Die-cut and laminated sheets, decks of collated and lined cards, printed and laminated magnets or half-cut die-cut stickers are just some of the elements that can go into a set or pack. In short, an extensive range of products resulting from very diverse processes, united in a box or container.