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Special finishes

Loyal Print is also a printing company with special finishes, as we add value to any printed product. These print finishes include all those treatments that we can apply to products to highlight their design and quality. Among them, we find different types of varnish such as printing in UV varnish or relief varnish, Stamping, application of scented inks or holographic printing, among others. At Loyal Print we want your product to stand out above the rest, and that is why we advise you on which finishes best suit your project.

impresión con stamping y relieves

We make special products

A cover for a book, a card, a box, a bag or a set of die-cut stickers. Our wide range of products on which to apply special effects is endless. The special finishes give a unique touch to our customers’ prints. From Christmas cards with stampings and reliefs, to a box with selective UV application or die-cut stickers with glitter. Whatever the finish, at Loyal Print we offer you the possibility of carrying it out without the need for your product to leave our facilities. Quality and maximum differentiation at your service.

We love challenges. We take on unique finishes, rarely seen. We believe that only this way will you be able to make your product or brand stand out. A multitude of finishes to add to any printed product.

Discover all our

Special finishes

impresión con stamping y relieves


UV or relief varnish. They are used on design areas to highlight a product and / or service, as it provides more body and makes the image look smarter. UV varnish, which can be matt or glossy, stands out for its fast drying and resistance to water, dirt and grease. If what we want is to give relief, then we will use the relief varnish, recommended for coated and laminated supports.



Stamping offers added value to any printed product and provides a metallic effect on the desired area. From Christmas cards to book covers or diaries, stamping offers endless possibilities for all kinds of printing formats.

tarjeta troquelada con impresión UV

Printing on polyester

Printing on polyester provides a very attractive and attractive finish. It can be applied on any printed material, whether for boxes, book  jackets or book containers. It is a very specific technique and little applied by other printing companies. At Loyal Print, in addition to the same finish, we offer you the possibility of applying other finishes on top, such as reliefs or stampings.

cromo con efecto holográfico

Holographic printing

Holographic printing allows us to give a feeling of depth and special effect to printed products. Used for playing cards and children’s items, for example, to attract the attention of boys and girls. Also common in the manufacture of packaging. It is an eye-catching finish that adds quality to our prints.

acabado glitter


Glitter gives a shiny and rough effect to the print. We can apply a shiny or glitter effect on any type of print and make the product stand out both visually and sensually. Used in products for kids, such as die-cut stickers or book covers.

acabado impresión flocado


Flocking is a technique that gives a velvety touch to the print. With the application of this finish we provide a very special effect, especially in terms of texture. It is often used for children’s products such as cardboard stories or game cards.

impresion con barniz relieve


With the possibility of them being applied to any material, the textured printing provides a surprising finish and an experience for the senses. An example could be the well-known drip-off.

impresion lenticular

Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing can be adapted to a large number of advertising and promotional products. This printing technique is carried out on a flat two-dimensional surface, but allows the user to perceive it in three dimensions, and even to have a sensation of movement.

codigo QR y alfanumerico

QR code and alphanumeric

On any surface and base, alphanumeric codes are a perfect marketing tool for brands. They enable us to attract users and increase the recurrence of purchases, since they allow discounts and exclusive benefits. At Loyal Print we have the necessary machinery to encode all kinds of products.

figura impresa espumada

Foamed products

We apply a foamed base to a printed material, making it a perfect promotional product for children. Self-mounting figures, trading cards or puzzles are some of the products that we can convert into a foamed product.