Responding to your handling needs

Industrial, food, educational or cosmetic sectors are just some of the sectors for which we work and we make from boxes, educational sets or card sachet packagings. Endless graphic solutions that require, in many cases, handling services. At Loyal Print we can fit products into boxes or packs, place banding, add strips to decks of cards or other publishing products, shrink and bag. These are, in short, strictly necessary processes to finalise the product and that in many cases are outsourced to other workshops. We believe that the best thing is that your product does not leave our facilities until it is finished, for agility and for safety and quality control. That is why we offer you a wide range of finishing possibilities.

Versatility and flexibility at the service of your handling needs. We add value to your products by closing the graphic production circle and by delivering the product ready for consumption.

Our difference with respect to other graphic companies

We consider ourselves more than just a printing company. We have built our present and future with the aim of being able to supply our customer with the largest number of printing services, together with all types of finishes. And by finishes we do not only mean printing finishes, but also the fact of being able to carry out all the subsequent handling for the final presentation of the printed product. We speak, for example, of shrinking processes, of placing different objects inside a box, wrapping, or collating, among many others. Whatever the need, at Loyal Print we adapt ourselves to your project to offer you the maximum customisation and quality of finishes. Please, contact us should you have any handling needs.

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