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Printing cardboard books for children is one of Loyal Print’s specialties. It is one of the star products of our printer’s, the manufacture of cardboard books opens the possibility of using different weights to achieve the wished thickness, as well as die-cut shapes or even the insertion of puzzles. At Loyal Print we carry out from short runs, by using digital printing technology, to large runs printed in offset, which enable us to reach large quantities. Our specialisation in cardboard books means that we are in constant continuous improvement of our production process, always in search of more efficient processes that provide the highest quality. Our great capacity and specialisation have made us the largest cardboard book printing company in Spain today, and one of the main players in Europe. We are endorsed by the fact of working for large national and international publishing groups.

The board book, a stimulus for boys and girls

Reading on cardboard is ideal for initiation to reading. Due to the characteristics of this type of children’s stories, cardboard books are perfect to stimulate the interest of the little ones in books. These stories are specially thought and designed so that boys and girls can handle and enjoy them either alone or with their parents. Each page invites them to interact and explore, thanks to its textures and colourful colors. Children’s cardboard books are simple development and illustration to facilitate children’s understanding. All pages are made of cardboard, which sets them apart and facilitates their use and reading. These are books with a great deal of illustrations, short, simple texts and large fonts. Everything to draw the attention of the little ones. Also, for their safety, cardboard books usually have rounded corners.

libro de cartón clásico

With a great capacity and proven experience, Loyal Print works for the largest publishing groups and is a benchmark in the printing of cardboard stories

libro gigante de cartón

Board books of all types

At Loyal Print we have years of experience in the production of cardboard books of all kinds. Always adapting to the customer’s needs, we manufacture stories of all weights and sizes. They can be from books with standard formats, more square or rectangular, to books with die-cut shapes, for example. Each board book has its essence and the objective of awakening certain senses in children. The colour of the pages and the short and clear texts are two basic resources, but we also find textures or windows. These last two resources are usually used by some editors, and they add colour to the story. At Loyal Print we offer the possibility of giving the book that added value, which can be in the form of rough texture, flocking, glitter, among others. Besides, we can add windows, which provide boys and girls with gameplay and surprise. In short, add that differentiating element to cardboard books so that the little ones learn through playing.

New trends in cardboard book printing

One of the greatest current trends in cardboard book printing is to print with recycled materials. These types of materials are ecofriendly for two reasons: due to the reduction in the use of virgin wood, which is used to make cellulose, and due to the savings in energy consumption used to make it. The recycled cardboard book used in the cardboard story is a very good alternative to make parents and children aware of the importance of caring for our planet.


Wide range of finishes

The thickness of the story is one of the important variables when choosing the type of board book we want. Thicker books add strength and durability and provide a feeling of robustness. That desired feeling of consistency is at the request of the customer, and for such cases thicker materials are used, or even so-called spacers can be integrated into each page. The cardboard book with spacers is a type of story widely used for the first readings, since the children are still very young and the thickness of the pages helps them to handle the book. If, on the contrary, the story is aimed at a larger audience, lower weights are usually used, always of the highest quality.

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