Card decks

Card decks are a traditional game that both adults and children resort to. These can be of many types, from the classic deck with which we have all played at some time, to children’s card games or even customised decks. Whatever the end audience, as a card deck printing company, we help you find the right format and finishes for this type of product. If you have a card game production project to promote your brand or your publishing products in a versatile and fun means, trust us.

Our specialisation in card decks

Printing a deck of cards requires good technical knowledge, since each deck contains a specific number of cards that must be well shuffled. The shuffling or collating process, which is carried out with very specific machinery, is both vital and essential for this type of product. That is why we have specialised technicians in the assembly of card decks, who are in charge of ensuring that each game contains the exact number of cards, depending on what is requested by the customer.

baraja de cartas con canto romo

At Loyal Print we have extensive experience in the printing of card decks, the collating or shuffling processes and their final handling. It is a long process carried out entirely in our facilities, thus ensuring the final quality of the product.

barajas de cartas con canto romo y caja

High quality finishes

We can add different finishes to the printing of the card decks. Lamination, whether gloss or matte, is usually a good ally for the protection and durability of the cards. In addition, if what we want is the letters to be aimed at a child audience, we can apply rounded corners (blunt edge), which provides safety and even a more elaborate aesthetics on-demand. The use of special inks is also common for this type of product, as they give each letter a unique finish. This is the case with aromatic, rough or even luminescent inks.

Reputable Customers

At Loyal Print we are relied on by large publishing groups, for which we carry out from short runs to large productions. We are endorsed by our years of experience in the manufacture of playing cards for national and international companies. That is why we are your trusted printing company for card decks printing.