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Promotion is one of the essential points for a complete marketing strategy. Despite the rise of online promotion levers, many brands continue to take a chance on offline tools that enable user’s loyalty at the point of sale. At Loyal Print we have a wide background dedicated to inserting promotions for agencies specialised in retail, marketing and customer loyalty. We advise you on the design and creation of your promotional item, as well as providing you with the necessary tools for the complete production of your campaign.

Packing specialists

Years of experience and learning, and many promotions carried out. From our beginning, we have been pioneers in the process of inserting promotional items, making productions for large brands and companies. Thanks to our background, we now offer solutions for various sectors, the retail and food sector being our main focuses. In food, in fact, promotions that are in contact with food are usually carried out, so certain regulations and knowledge about the process and materials are required. At Loyal Print we have all this and are certified to pack for food companies, in addition to knowing closely all the packaging alternatives and options.

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At Loyal Print we are really familiar with the world of promotional packaging. With years of experience, we provide capacity and extensive background as we have carried out big successful campaigns for large supermarket chains.

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The importance of packaging

Any promotional product is a claim to the user to advertise their brand or company. Therefore, how we present this product is critical to its success. Whatever the product, the packaging has the objective of protecting and in turn presenting the product, with the aim of giving an idea of ​​what is inside or reinforcing the brand message. In fact, the types of packaging can be widely varied depending on the objectives of the product and / or campaign. In some cases, for example, it is even intended to hide what is inside to add an element of playability, and that is the case of stickers. To this purpose, completely opaque packagings can be made. Always depending on the needs of the client, we offer you fully customised packaging solutions, either in format, sizes and finishes. Your packaging shall stands out above the rest!

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