Board Books

Children’s board books are of simple development and illustrations to make children’s understanding easy. All pages of the book are made of cardboard, a fact that sets them apart and facilitates their use and reading. These are books with a lot of illustrations and more or less written content depending on the age to which they are addressed. In addition, for their safety, board books usually have rounded corners. In Loyal Print we have professionals with a long experience in the manufacture of board books for children, this being one of our specialties. For the manufacture of this type of books we can find a wide range of possibilities: use of different paper weights to achieve the ideal thickness, make die-cut and special shapes or even the insertion of QR codes.

  • libro de carton infantil
    Classic Board book

    Possibility of using different weights depending on customer requirements. To protect the book, it is usual to laminate it, either gloss or matt. This is the most classic form of the board book.

  • libro de carton gran formato
    XL Board book

    Big-sized board book. It is the same typology as a classic board book, its size being its only difference. We can also use different weights and finishes. Thanks to its dimensions, it is possible...

  • libro de cartón mini
    Mini Board book

    Mini-sized board books. The peculiarity of these books is their small size and a minimum of 10 cm x 10 cm is necessary. Despite being very short books, they are a very good promotional...

  • libro de carton con ventanas
    Board book with flaps

    Board books with die-cut and printed flaps on both sides. These books have a great added value because of their integrated easy-opening windows. This way, children can discover hidden images inside the board book...

  • libro de cartón troquelado
    Die-cut Board book

    Board books with different die-cut shapes, according to the customers need. Thanks to the application of a die with the shape of the profile of the book, it has a more childish and fun...

  • libro de cartón con tapa dura y acolchada
    Padded Cover Board book

    These board books have the same interior as any of the previous types of books. Its difference lies in its cover, which is padded with compact cardboard of different sizes. In addition, there is...

  • libro de cartón con puzle
    Board book with puzzles

    The board books with puzzle are books to which die-cut pieces that form a puzzle are added on some of the pages. The incorporation of this game into the book gives the book a...

  • libro de cartón con spacers
    Board book with spacers

    For this type of books we insert cartons between the leaflets to make the pages thicker. This way, the book is even of more resistance and has a perfect bulky format to be used...

  • libro de cartón con espiral
    Board book with spiral binding

    To help the reading of very young children, we offer the possibility of making board books with spiral finishing. The result is an endless book which facilitates its subjection and handling.

  • libro de carton con acabado especial
    Special books

    Within this category we have any childrens board book with special shapes. In addition, we make stories with printings on silver polyester, for example, to create mirror-like effects. Special finishes are added to give...

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