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impresion UV

UV varnish is used as a direct ink that dries with ultraviolet light. In Loyal Print we apply it for offset printing and a matt or glossy finish is obtained. This type of varnish is usually applied in design areas to highlight a product and / or service, as it provides more body and presence to the image. Its virtues include its fast drying and resistance to water, dirt and grease.

impresion con barniz relieve

It is the perfect solution to give relief to products, with different thickness, brightness and textures. We recommend it for application on coated and laminated supports. On the other hand, if more porous papers were used, cellulose would absorb the varnish and we would not achieve the desired result.


The stamping offers added value to any printed product and provides a texture that stands out to the eye and touch, as it makes certain areas of the printed surface jut out.

impresion con aromas

As the name implies, this type of inks gives off smell and give the product a very special touch. Highly used in the edition of children’s books, advertising brochures or perfume sector, we can print out the specific perfume wanted by the customer.

impresion sobre holografico

Holographic printing enables us to give a sensation of depth and special effect to printed products. Used for playing cards and children’s items, for instance, to attract children’s attention.

acabado impresión glitter

We can apply a bright or glitter effect on any type of printing and make the product stand out both sensorially and visually.

acabado impresión flocado

Technique that enables us to achieve a velvety touch to printing. With the application of this finish, we provide a very special effect, especially in terms of texture. It is usually used for children’s products such as stories or playing cards

acabado impresion textura

With the possibility of applying it on any material, textured printing provides a surprising finish and an experience for the senses.