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impresion cromos troquelados

Printing and packing of stickers are two of our great specialties. To the long tradition in printing and sticker packaging we add our industrial capacity, which makes us one of the largest European manufacturers in the production of sticker packaging. For this type of product, the mixture is of vital importance, and to this purpose we have specialists in the preparation of each collection or promotion. In addition to special finishes, the sticker can be stamped, and codes can be added.

album de cromos personalizado

Customised sticker collections, randomly wrapped in paper packing, along with your sticker album. For this category of products, we differentiate between collections for groups: sports clubs, schools, associations, or similar, and individual collections.

  • Collections for groups: thanks to the collaboration of Icromos (link), a company specialised in the creation of collections for clubs, we offer the integral process from the creation and design of the collection to the printing and delivery of the stickers and the album.
  • Individual collections: if you like stickers, we have a platform specialised in the creation of customised stickers albums ( This is an editor onto which the user can upload their photos and place them in their album. In just a very few steps you can have your own customised sticker album at home!
lego trading cards con efecto especial

Trading cards are a product generally aimed at the promotional world, particularly in sectors such as food, wholesalers or retailers. These are often collectible cards, and therefore there is always a numbering and a mix that must be respected. To this purpose, we have the technical team capable of developing the collections, as well as the necessary collators to perform the mixture. In addition to special finishes, rounded corners may be added.

sticker card

It is a combination of sticker and card at the same time. With the same appearance as a trading card, we carry out a production method that enables you to paste a sticker on top, without leaving a trace of residual tailing on the card. This way, we obtain a hybrid product with a special surprise factor, perfect for promotions.

tazos con lanzador

Lifelong cardboard collectible. Caps are round pieces that can be used as a collectible or as a promotional program.

figura pop-up de carton

Pop-ups are paper or cardboard products, which, thanks to their design, enable some playability and acquire relief. They are especially suitable for promotional fields, where the user receives a small prize and this brings more value than a sticker and / or card.

puzle promocional

Lifelong puzzles, but in small format, special to promote products or services. Both the interaction and playability provided by this type of products make them especially interesting.

imanes impresos y troquelados

Customised magnets adapted to our customer’s needs. We offer the integral process from the printing, laminating of the magnetised sheet and the die-cutting of each magnet.

impresion y embolsado de tatuajes

Customised tattoos, perfect for promotional sectors where a differentiating element is required.

impresion lenticular

Lenticular printing can be adapted to a large number of advertising and promotional products. This printing technique is performed on a flat two-dimensional surface, but enables the user to perceive it in three dimensions, and even to have a sense of movement. As a result, we catch the final consumer’s eye and it turns out to be the perfect product to promote a brand or product.