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ensobrado de cromos

We carry out the entire process of elaboration for the packing of stickers and other products: from printing to packing or packaging. These are cold-sealed paper packagings on all four sides. 2D products such as cards, game cards or tattoos are usually packaged.

ensobrado de 3 soldaduras

Cold-sealed paper on three sides. It is suitable for packing 2D and 3D elements, or for a combination of different sizes and formats. It may be printed or delivered blank.

ensobrado contacto con alimento

We have the experience and knowledge of working for the food sector by making paper packing perfectly adapted to contact with food and which may be sealed on three or four sides, depending on the customer needs.

flowpack de papel

3-side packaging sealed with glue. The paper flowpack may be printed or white.

flowpack metalizado

Product made of polypropylene, which can be metal or laminated. It is technically called a Flow Co PP Coex pack with three hot welds. It is a perfect product for packing 2D and 3D elements, and can be in contact with the food if required by the customer.

flowpack transparante

The transparent Flowpack is made of polypropylene and sealed with three welds. This product is used, in general, for promotions that have direct contact with food. 2D and 3D elements can be used individually or combined.