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servicio de retractilado

To cover and protect the product we deliver, we carry out a shrinking or bagging process, so that the product body is perfectly sealed. From a container with books for a publishing house, to a self-assemblable cardboard figure for a promotion.

impresion y manipulacion set educativo

We handle any element inside a box, educational set or similar. This service is perfect for publishing houses that need educational sets composed of several elements, whether they are printed materials or not. We place from school material, die-cut pieces, bagged products, to products not made in-house.

servicio de enfajado

Cellophaning is a quick and easy way to group a set of products with a paper or plastic band. It is usually applied to cards, school materials or other items that require a united product presentation.

fichas escolares contracoladas

Plywood of simple cardboard, corrugated cardboard or compact cardboard with cardboard. For this service we find, for example, cardboard for publishing houses for the presentation of a magazine or educational sheets for school use.

servicio de alzado

We have specific machinery for the mixing of collections of stickers or cards. We also offer the possibility of mixing educational material of different weights for the preparation of school dossiers.

servicio de plegado

We also have 8, 16, 32-page creasers with perforation and angular drilling. In addition, we can make mini brochures for laboratories or small formats for promotions.


hendido y troquelado

We apply cuts or cracks to any type of paper or sheet. These types of finishes have the objective of creating products with special designs, perfect to catch the final consumer’s eye.

caja engomada

We have specific machinery for folding and gluing of cases, displays, display boxes, among others.