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impresion adhesivos

Printing of adhesives with the possibility of half cutting. They can be made in polypropylene, either white or transparent support. The adhesive can be used with removable or permanent glue, and different finishes such as gloss, stamping, UV, among others may be used.

impresion posters

Posters whose weight and size are at the request of the customer, with the possibility to choose from a wide variety of paper qualities. Printing can be offset or digital. Within this category we have posters with impressions for events or product offers, for example. Rods may be applied to the posters.

impresion catalogo alta calidad

For the advertising of your products and / or services. Catalogues are a very important support whose format can have a very creative and special design. In this sense we mean products such as tourist guidebooks, catalogues of products and services or company presentations. We offer you the possibility to choose the format, support and finish that best suits your needs.

carton contracolado

They are vital to give visibility to your magazines at the point of sale. We carry out from the printing of the paper to the plywood with the cardboard and we make the choice of the materials to be collated available to the customer.

impresion de vinilo

Vinyls are perfect for decorating walls, floors or shop windows, both indoors and outdoors. We offer you the possibility of creating an ideal promotional product for highly-visibile communication.

display de carton

Advertising displays with high print quality, strength and ease of assembly. The displays are a fantastic tool to promote your products. Attractive to the eyes of the consumer and of easy assembly and transport, these products are ideal to highlight your corporate image.

impresion flyer amazon

The flyer is the communicating support par excellence. With the possibility of printing on one or two sides, we offer formats and quantities totally customised to the needs of each customer. Use of different qualities of paper.

folleto comercial

Advertising brochures are an effective and attractive tool when it comes to promoting a product, business or event. For the preparation of brochures with several sides and sheets we have the internal creasing and folding service.


Perfect for proper planning, calendars can be for walls, tables, pockest or poster-type. For the manufacture of this type of products, a totally integral service is offered: from the printing to the placement of the rod or the spiral binding.