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bolsa de papel alfa alta calidad

Luxury bags, made to measure, sober and elegant, handmade and premium finishes. Any material, any finish -textures, laminates, stamping, embossing, selective UV. With handles made of ribbon or cord and with cardboard reinforcements around the mouth and the base.

bolsa de papel asa plana

Bags of automatic manufacture, made with Kraft paper or cellulose, with a wide range of sizes. Flexographic printing ranging from 1 to 6 colors. Wide range of sizes. Good alternative to the plastic bag.

bolsa asa trenzada

Bags of automatic manufacture, different materials and a wide range of sizes. Flexographic printing ranging from 1 to 6 colors. It is a perfect alternative to the plastic bag.

bolsa solapa personalizada

Luxury bag with a customisable flap, with a little minimum quantity required for sale. It is ideal for company presentations or product launches. The same base is used in different colors with the printed flap for each product, event, brand or others.

bolsa picnic americana

Bag for food sector, with standard measures and manufactured in cellulose or Kraft, according to customer preferences.

bolsa algodon

Manually made, available in various weights. It has the advantage of being ecological and reusable.

bolsa loneta

Manual bag, of any size and fully customisable. Reusable and highly durable.

bolsa plastico

Select the most appropriate bag for your business. Excellent finishes and qualities.

sobre alfa

Gift envelopes, fully made to measure. With premium finishes, with or without adhesive seal.

bolsa loneta

The TST Bag is finished with a textile-looking appearance, durable and resistant. Standard sizes, with gloss or matt laminating options. The Raffia Bag is made of synthetic fibres, reusable, durable and resistant.