Sound technology applied to our stories for children

Because of our concern to add value to our products, this special project was born and combines traditional printing with the application of a new technology. 

It is the so-called sound technology, which enables you to reproduce any text or image by using an interactive reader pen. Due to its educational and interactive content, it is a product generally aimed at children and it is thus a fun and entertaining tool that reinforces their learning as well.

libro infantil con sonidos

How does it work?

Sound technology is based on the application of codes to any element of an image. These codes, almost invisible to our eyes, are read and reproduced by a scanmarker, which contains a small scanner. The reproduction is instant, and it is enough just to bring the pencil pointer to the image or text we want to reproduce. That is, if we want to reproduce a sentence written in a story, it is not necessary for us to use the scanmarker to go over the whole sentence as it makes out the whole reproduction by simply pointing out some parts of the text.

Where can I apply it?

We can apply sound technology to any of our printing formats, provided it is in offset printing. We could apply it to children’s stories, puzzles, cards, posters, notebooks, or any other printed format. The combination of printed tangible products and the addition of this technology provide these products with a special essence. And in view of our experience with this type of projects, at Loyal Print we are in charge of the entire process, from the search and management of sounds, to the implementation of the codes and the final printing of the product.

What is Blabook?

Blabook is a successful case of the application of this technology. It is about board books for children with the plus that everything children look at is listened to at the same time. This provides extraordinary value to the story thanks to the interaction and the full attention paid by children.

In the case of Blabook, they are books aimed at kids between 2-5 years old, the stage when they begin to be interested in stories. The case of Blabook means a highly valuable and entertaining tool, which also reinforces their learning. In fact, it is at such early ages when they are captivated by the sounds and their attention is attracted and so they are motivated to continue leafing through the story.

libro infantil con sonidos

In addition, the whole product is designed so that children can hold it and handle it perfectly normally. The scanmarker is customised to the characteristics that the Blabook’s customer wishes. Specially designed to be handled by children, it is light, simple and easy to hold. In turn, these children’s books are bound in a spiral to facilitate their use by the child. In fact, this enables the book to remain open without the need to hold it and therefore we achieve greater interaction and playability with the scanmarker.

Interaction and learning come together to create this beautiful educational project alongsid with educators and teachers. If you would like more information about Blabook stories, you can visit they website at They will tell you more about their project!

Customise my own project

And if what you wish is more information to customise your project with sound technology, please contact us at or fill in our form.

Albumfy: Online platform for the printing of customised sticker books

The manufacture of a collection of stickers has always been directed towards large quantities. Promotions or large marketing campaigns for retailers are usually the main objective of this type of production.

However, stickers have something special that make an original and different format to which both adults and children are attracted. That is why a few years ago we planned to develop a platform aimed at end users so that anyone could have their own collection of stickers. Albumfy is an online platform that enables you to make, in a very simple way, your own sticker album. With our own sticker placement software, we can create your own chrome album in a few steps. The most fun thing is that you will be delivered the stickers home packed in paper sachets, like those of a lifetime! Albumfy is an original and fun way to make somebody a present with a different and original format.

album de cromos personalizado

Do you need more information?

If you would like to find out more about our type of books and albums, you can visit our website And do not hesitate to contact us for further questions