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libro de adhesivos troquelados

We are specialised in printing and half cut die-cutting, which we perform on different supports: removable, permanent adhesive or vinyl. For this type of products, we offer the possibility of adding multiple finishes such as binding with staples, packaging of stickers or flowpack and several sorts of handling.

baraja de cartas y caja

We have extensive experience for the manufacture of this type of products, in which a perfect mix of cards is necessary. As for the decks of cards, we print, gather and fit the cards into the boxes. Therefore, the whole process is carried out internally, for greater control of the product. In addition, special effects on the cards can be applied, whether laminating, thermal inks, smells or rough effects, among others.

impresion y manipulacion de set educativo

We have a wide background in the production of all types of printed educational material and we provide a high added value because of the fact we print, die-cut, mix, laminate, glue, band, bind and shrink-wrap. If necessary, we add the modification of the printed elements inside a folder or box. In general, these are folders or packages that contain various elements such as files, stickers, notebooks and others, to encourage and / or enhance certain skills in children.

libro de actividades espiral

Exercise or activity books stapled on the side or bound in PUR, printed in colour and with the highest quality. A wide variety of sizes and materials such as coated, offset, recycled, among others, is available.

fichas troqueladas

We carry out the entire process of the manufacture of puzzles: from printing, cardboard boarding with paper to die-cutting. We offer the possibility of delivering the pieces of the puzzle bagged, or placed on the cardboard, depending on the requirements of the customers.

fichas escolares troqueladas

Classic school worksheets, punched or laminated, among other finishes. We can combine sheets with different weights and finishes (laminating) and then mix and insert them into their corresponding packagings. The cards can also be banded and placed inside a box or publishing set.

agenda escolar

In a world where digital diaries predominate, giving away a physical diary makes us stand out. Diaries and corporate, promotional or school notebooks. Whatever their use, they are a good resource to promote the presence of brand and quality content. Both wire-o and spiral finishes are offered, which provide the product with practicality and durability.

impresion juego educativo

We aim to stand out by providing high value to those products that require several processes, not only printing, but also subsequent processes which require a great deal of handling. It may be the case of products stamped, with rounded corners, mixed, or even the combination of several elements inside a box. That is why the manufacture of games adapts perfectly to our characteristics as a company.

carpeta de actividades barça

Activity folders for the insertion of material: sheets, cards, die-cut stickers, among others. If we want to make an exclusive folder, we can also add special finishes, either with the printing inks themselves or with stampings, reliefs, etc. The insertion or handling of the material inside is also offered, with the final wrapping.