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encuadernacion a la americana

This type of binding does not require the sewing of the different sheets to join them, but it is achieved by applying direct glue. It is usually used for notepads or books with several sheets, and provides a nice and light-looking appearance.

encuadernacion wire-o

Binding made from a double metal spiral. This type of binding differs from the classic spiral by providing greater durability and robustness as well as offering greater quality in its finish.

encuadernacion espiral

Type of binding specially designed for documents, guidebooks and teaching material. It brings simplicity and flexibility to turn the pages. We offer you the possibility to choose the position you want to apply the spiral, either on the left or upper side. In addition, we can work with different papers of different weights, from more classic, premium or laminated papers. The spiral can be metal or plastic.

colocacion de varillas

Especially intended for calendars or wall posters, corporate gifts or advertising. They are very practical and make a very good option for many companies. For this type of products, we perform the printing and final wrapping.

impresion de indices

Many catalogues require the inclusion of physical indexes, through which easily access the different contents. These types of tabs, also called thumb indexes, can be of several types: crescent, straight and oblique. They can be applied to loose sheets or bound books.

catalogo encuadernado en grapa

Saddle stitching is the most comfortable method for the finish of magazines, catalogues and brochures. It is the perfect resource for binding commercial products to be used at events, fairs and other commercial purposes. It provides flexibility, lightness and is economical compared to other finishes. By applying the metal saddle onto the spine, we get to create an attractive and practical product.

libro encuadernado en pur

The perfect binding, also called milling, is one of the main bookbindings. It is a type of binding cheaper than other methods such as sewing, in addition to involving a more agile production process than the latter. For this type of binding, we use urethane polymer-based glue.

libreta personalizada

High quality binding to print books and publications. These types of publications can be in soft cover or stitched hardcover, thus guaranteeing an excellent result in terms of image and resistance. In addition, this binding provides greater durability than the perfect binding, despite being a more manual process and therefore somewhat slower.

libro de carton

It is one of our great specialties, the board books being a reference product within our company. With our own binding system, we work to incorporate machinery and processes that enable us to continue improving so as to offer the highest quality.