The packaging concept covers a lot of possibilities. In Loyal Print, we combine several areas of expertise to offer special packs that adapt to the needs of each project. We manufacture cases for various sectors, in addition to boxes with windows, containers, displays or promotional packaging. We can add special finishes such as stamping, reliefs or others. In addition, digital printing enables us to carry out very specific and customised projects, regardless of the minimum quantities.

  • packaging promocional
    Promotional packaging

    It covers all the types of boxes that we can make, from sectors such as industrial, promotional or food. We perform from printing -with the possibility of adding UV-, to die-cutting and gluing of...

  • caja forrada
    Lined boxes

    The lined boxes are cardboard cases lined with printed or laminated cloth or paper. They are usually accompanied by special finishes, either serigraphs, stampings or reliefs, which provide them with exclusivity and smart appearance.

  • caja con
    Boxes with windows

    Window packaging is an option for many customers, since it offers the possibility to see what product is inside. This provides confidence and reliability to the final consumer, a fact that brands and companies...

  • caja presentadora
    Presenter Box

    It is a type of packaging intended for the presentation of a product for the final public. They can range from desktop displays, to displays or presentation packs. Generally aimed at sectors such as...

  • caja contenedora libros
    Container Box

    Boxes made to store and present collections of books or publications. These are simple packs that highlight their smart appearance.

  • Boxes with corrugated cardboard

    Boxes for which we use different supports of microchannel. As a result, the product is provided with a great differential value as well as with robustness and quality.

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